Wednesday, March 30, 2011

i untuk ini/itu

Now, let me teach you the most important words in Bahasa.

special appearance by Anying and Teyong

"Ini" and "Itu"
literally "Ini" means "this", and "Itu" means that.
but in daily conversation, "ini" and "itu" could mean a lot of things.
just ask my mom.. she's an expert on ini/itu language.

Her very best example:
Mom: "ini-nya di-itu-in"
(do that to it/this)
and in this case, my mom doesn't point at anything, so it's not clear wether she want you to do the dishes, water the plant, kill the dog, or anything else.

my Dad usually ask her back: "quel itu?" (which "itu"?)
which make my Mom mad.

while me and my sisters stay quiet, which make my mom mad too :p

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