Thursday, March 29, 2012

Demo BBM

"Demo BBM" = fuel and gas (price) demonstration act.
Excuse me, my foreign friends,  I made another amigurumi based on local issue again.
Indonesian government has decided to raise the fuel price at the first of April (I hope they'll say "April Fool's!").
There are a lot of controversy about this policy, and since the government announced the new price, people held demonstrations everywhere, mostly against it.
Me? I can't say I care enough to join the demonstration, but can't say I don't care about the price either.
I won't write my opinion here, but I made a parody of it.

it's a parody of the local gas station mascot and motto.
I pretty like the real mascot, and I mean no harm,  so please don't sue me ;)

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Present

to be honest, I'm not sure whether I made the right decision to stay at Jakarta.
When people asked me why, I could easily answer that I was honoring my late friend's wishes for me to go to Jakarta and get more experiences.
or in the other time I could easily answer, cause my parents would love to see me earn my own living.
Both reasons are true, but I don't know my own reason to stay at Jakarta.
There's many times I think that I made a mistake, how I want to go back to Bandung, why did I ever thought of leaving my hometown.
but life is a mystery, so does God's plan.
it is as if there were no wrong path, there's only God's plan and it is the best path.
I might say I'm grateful to stay at Jakarta today, but there's no guarantee that I won't say the otherwise tomorrow.

today, that's for sure, I'm very grateful.
cause by staying at Jakarta, I met new friends, to be precise, crafty friends. it's not planed, but today we made a new blog: Gondangdia-afterwork.
It's more like a group of crafter who work full time at the same workplace (at Gondangdia), and spend their afterwork time to make individual craft projects.
Just visit the blog, and you will see that I'm one of the luckiest person in the world that I could meet a lot of friends with great talents :D

it is written in Bahasa, but the pictures could easily tell that there are still more great talents yet to be discovered from Indonesia.  are you ready to get inspired?

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

OMGrumi: Afikaaa

 no matter how I hide the brand, you knew it anyway, Happy 100th birthday, Oreo!

 I don't have Tv in my room, but it's almost impossible not to know Afika (go google her :p).
She's lately becoming the trending topic, not only on Twitter but everywhere because of her cute appearance in a biscuit commercial.
Suddenly everyone changed their profile picture to Afika.
She's instantly became an internet meme, my favorite is this one: Afika vs Suzanna  (Suzanna was a legendary Indonesian horror actres).
meanwhile, among my knitter/ crocheter friends, Afika's hat became a hit.  Everybody's ordering Afika's hat and everybody seems to be happy to make the hat, the knitted earflap hat.
it was my first time knitting a hat, and I tried my best to make the cable knitting without pattern at all.

 yup.. it's removable, so maybe someday I'll make a comic using this amigurumi :)

by the way: this is not for Sale :D

Monday, March 19, 2012

mirror mirror hanging on the wall

again, I rearranged my workplace.
there's something missing... My selfportrait!
if you knew me well, you must have know that I'm a pretty narcisstic person who call herself "Tuan Putri" (=princess) or "si Cantik" (=pretty).
again, if you know me well, I don't like to take my own photo, I rarely change my profile picture or avatar.  That is because... I'd prefer seeing my own reflection than a still image of mine :D
that's why the perfection to my wall gallery is by adding a mirror.

oh now you can see my reflection there.

Monday, March 12, 2012

My Cubicle

the first thing I saw when I moved to my current job is my cubicle.
Many people hate working in cubicles.  But just as I saw the cubicle's walls, I thought it would be perfect for my mini gallery.

I already placed big android, mini android, a jar of nastars, Frankenstein, and some pins in frames.
By the way, now all Frankenstein think is money :p

Today I add a flamingo to my desk.
YUP! Everybody need flamingos!
I made a flamingo a long time ago, and now I make another one for my desk.  this time the head is slightly bigger and the wings are crocheted, not sewn. Oh and the color is brighter. How do you think?