Tuesday, March 20, 2012

OMGrumi: Afikaaa

 no matter how I hide the brand, you knew it anyway, Happy 100th birthday, Oreo!

 I don't have Tv in my room, but it's almost impossible not to know Afika (go google her :p).
She's lately becoming the trending topic, not only on Twitter but everywhere because of her cute appearance in a biscuit commercial.
Suddenly everyone changed their profile picture to Afika.
She's instantly became an internet meme, my favorite is this one: Afika vs Suzanna  (Suzanna was a legendary Indonesian horror actres).
meanwhile, among my knitter/ crocheter friends, Afika's hat became a hit.  Everybody's ordering Afika's hat and everybody seems to be happy to make the hat, the knitted earflap hat.
it was my first time knitting a hat, and I tried my best to make the cable knitting without pattern at all.

 yup.. it's removable, so maybe someday I'll make a comic using this amigurumi :)

by the way: this is not for Sale :D


  1. mantab gann...
    Pertamax dulu ane :o

  2. aihh lucuuu ^_^ mirip bangett,bisa di bongkar pasang lagi

  3. benar sekali, topi "afika" jadi banyak yang mau... awalnya kupikir yang dimaksud spesifik topi earflap motif cable... ternyata topi earflap aja sudah disebutnya topi "afika".. :p

  4. lucunya..........mirip sama yang aslinya <3