Saturday, April 24, 2010

New Recipe : Baby Octopus

the real Baby Octopus at the Sushi restaurant
right click on the picture to read the recipe or save it for your sushi night

Me and my sisters love sushi a lot!
our favorite is unagi roll and baby octopus
yeah, that's cruel, eating babies.
But it is so delicious!
So here's the recipe, of course the amigurumi recipe, cause I can't cook.
I didn't put any eyes on the amigurumi,
because I prefer not to look at the eyes of the creatures I'm eating.

Do not hesitate to ask if you find any problem with the recipe.
and I would like to see too if you tried making your baby octopus :D

Warning: the baby octopus-gurumis are not edible :D

EDIT: sorry, there's a mistake in rnd3, it should be repeated 6 times, instead of 3 times
I've updated the picture.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Semut Semut Aww

"Semut Semut Aww" is an ending lyric from a famous rock Indonesian Song Semut Hitam (means black ant)
Semut is Ant in Indonesian.

By the way, what am I doing for the few weeks?
I was making amigurumis. A lot of amigurumis.
My target was making at least one amigurumi a week.
But I can't put the amigurumis picture here for some reason.
Yeah, it's a secret thing, and it's suck.

And for this week, I'm making a working ant.
Instead of using black, I used brown, cause I hate working in black.
Why an ant?

Ants are cute right? black and small :D
They are working everyday for their colony
They are famous, they have 2 famous animated movies "a Bug's life" and "Antz"
So why not an ant?

And of course I'm making the smiling ant, because this ant is a kind creature.
When I was making this Ant-gurumi , I asked my sister how many legs it has.
She guessed six (which is right), but to make sure she was instantly looking for ants at the kitchen.
She was an ant bully, and for the sake of this kind creatures, I had to stop her.
So I'm proudly say that no ants were harmed during the process.