Monday, October 31, 2011

News Update!

Thanks for all the support, the Kuda Lumping has won the 1st prize of "Lomba Amigurumi Nusantara"
free glass shard for everyone! Yum!

from the "Not Good" archive

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Kuda Lumping

Today, October 28 is a celebration of "Sumpah Pemuda",
a day when all Indonesian young generation  vow to have one Country, one Language, and one Nation: Indonesia.
Alvine Craft, one of Indonesian Crafting community, held an amigurumi competition to celebrate the Sumpah Pemuda.
the theme was Indonesian' traditional clothes.
I made Kuda Lumping and Kuda Lumping's Dancer for the entry.
The dancer of course wearing traditional clothes so didn't break the rule, right?
please vote for me by clicking like on the facebook page  , thank you :)

 the dancer and the horse

Kuda Lumping is a traditional dance from East Java, where the dancer ride a Kuda Lumping (horse, made from bamboo).
The dancer also bring a whip in his hands. (I made the whip, but it's so ugly)
while it visually looked cute, I bet children would like to have a kuda lumping for toys, but it's actually also a trance dance.
the dancer later under trance condition eat glasses, the sharp glass shard, and they're okay, not hurt at all.

the fire was real, 
and in fact I also burn some incense to make smoke effect, 
thank fully the doll was not possessed during the photo shoot.

woo.. scary right? I never watch a Kuda Lumping directly, I don't think I could watch it.
But I'm proud of this traditional dance, it's a mythical and artistic dance.
If you were going to visit East Java, you have too watch Kuda Lumping, that if you have strong guts :p
for now you can watch the video on youtube.

the horse is the hardest part to make because of its shape.

the second scariest things for me

as I promised, I'll make some halloween themed amigurumis.
Halloween is all about scary things, for me, the second scariest things is dead rat.
it's never a pleasant thing to see a dead rat, so I'm relieved I didn't go into science class 
so I didn't have to cut any rat.

 oh, what a cute (dead) rat!

Monday, October 17, 2011

a good luck charm

Do you have a tradition, habits, or something you really needs to do before taking an important test or job?
maybe like searching for a 4 leaved clover, or maybe hug your parents before going to school?

For me, there are two.  First, keeping a secret.
The second things is, making a good luck charm.

I feel bad that I lied to my family and my friends about my participation in a local animation festival.
but, I was so scared to make them disappoint if I failed

I was very tired at the night before the presentation due to the stress, but I didn't know why, I thought I had to make a good luck charm.
the main character of the animation was a girl, but I didn't have time to make the doll,
so I made the bird (the figurine character) to accompany me during the presentation in front of the jury.

I was really nervous and I had no confidence,
I can't even watch at the other animations, they are so good compared to mine.
I almost run, and went home right after the presentation's done, really,
but maybe it was thanks to the little bird's luck, I stayed.
I got the best character award from the Industry Creative Festival.

thanks, little bird :)

you could watch the animation via deviantart or read the story behind the animation in my portfolio blog

oh, and thanks for the good lucks and the congrats :)

my Father's day

my Father's birthday again!
this year He is 60 years old, very healthy and hopefully always happy.

Like his birthday before, I always make him some rooster themed creation,
because he is " mon papa poule" and I love to call him "ayamanda"

I was busy taking care of many things, I almost unable to make anything this year.
but thanks to Anna hrahovec's book, I borrowed her Idea to make a tiny amigurumi,
so it could be done in few hours.

I made the rooster using my own pattern tho there's already a chicken pattern in the book, so it would looked more personal.
I still used the same design, based on the famous chicken bowl, red and black.
and this time it's more for a flash disk charm.

I think there would be at least 40 more rooster for the next 40 years (or more), so I hope my Dad would stay healthy forever :)

by the way, my mom is 60 too, I never made her amigurumi not because I love her any less than my dad, it's just because she's my knitting teacher, and it's not funny to give her my creations.

PS:  there's also another good thing just happened today, some of you may already know, but let's keep it until tomorrow

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Orangutan #10: Doutzen

it's orangutan's time again!
my friend Prue requested to adopt a yellow orangutan

Prue is my friend since elementary school, junior high then college
if it weren't because of her suggestion, I might not take the school art test for the second time after failed the first one.
I might finished the management school, become a manager or marketing person.
Thanks to her now I'm actually an animator and made this blog :)
Prue is a news reporter, a twitter-holic, and recently has a blog too.
and by the way, she's a good painter/ artist too, hopefully one day she has a time to paint again.

so here's Doutzen, the Yellow orangutan
I've made a yellow orangutan before, so this time I used another kind of yellow

Doutzen is a shy orangutan, but she loves camera a lot!
Doutzen's favorite time: Daydreaming time!

You could also adopt your own orangutan dolls in your favorite color or in the original color (brown-red brown).
By adopting an orangutan doll you could help real orangutan at the conservatory
read here for more informations or read the post under orangutanku labels for updated news.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Aku ingin (jadi) Beruang

"Aku ingin Jadi Beruang" means I want to be a Beruang (Bear)
while Beruang can also means Ber-Uang or having money.

I want to be Beruang Beruang (I want to be a rich Beruang)
I'm not a shopaholic but I love spending money, that's why I want to have a lot of money.

it would be cool if the flower petals were real money $-)

"Hi, little turtle, what should a bear like me do to be a real beruang?"

and If you watched Disney's Bear (in Jungle Book or Winnie the Pooh), you'll see being a bear is a lot of fun

"hum hum dee dum, hum dee dum dum
I'm so rumbly, in my tummy
time to munch on early lunch on,
time for something sweet"
-Winnie the Pooh