Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Aku ingin (jadi) Beruang

"Aku ingin Jadi Beruang" means I want to be a Beruang (Bear)
while Beruang can also means Ber-Uang or having money.

I want to be Beruang Beruang (I want to be a rich Beruang)
I'm not a shopaholic but I love spending money, that's why I want to have a lot of money.

it would be cool if the flower petals were real money $-)

"Hi, little turtle, what should a bear like me do to be a real beruang?"

and If you watched Disney's Bear (in Jungle Book or Winnie the Pooh), you'll see being a bear is a lot of fun

"hum hum dee dum, hum dee dum dum
I'm so rumbly, in my tummy
time to munch on early lunch on,
time for something sweet"
-Winnie the Pooh


  1. gemeesss.. anw, mba dessy kalo bikin amigurumi baca pola ato ngarang sendiri?

  2. @novyalfee cubit dong kalo gemes :P
    awal2 sih baca pola, tp jarang ngikutin 100%, seringnya dimodif dikit2, lama2 jd ngarang sendiri

  3. i <3 teddy bear from mr. bean, hihihi. beruang punyamu lucu, so cute <3