Monday, October 17, 2011

a good luck charm

Do you have a tradition, habits, or something you really needs to do before taking an important test or job?
maybe like searching for a 4 leaved clover, or maybe hug your parents before going to school?

For me, there are two.  First, keeping a secret.
The second things is, making a good luck charm.

I feel bad that I lied to my family and my friends about my participation in a local animation festival.
but, I was so scared to make them disappoint if I failed

I was very tired at the night before the presentation due to the stress, but I didn't know why, I thought I had to make a good luck charm.
the main character of the animation was a girl, but I didn't have time to make the doll,
so I made the bird (the figurine character) to accompany me during the presentation in front of the jury.

I was really nervous and I had no confidence,
I can't even watch at the other animations, they are so good compared to mine.
I almost run, and went home right after the presentation's done, really,
but maybe it was thanks to the little bird's luck, I stayed.
I got the best character award from the Industry Creative Festival.

thanks, little bird :)

you could watch the animation via deviantart or read the story behind the animation in my portfolio blog

oh, and thanks for the good lucks and the congrats :)


  1. hahahaha....
    it's okay jeng, by the way i'm proud being ur fren... congratz yaaaaa n i still want to eat "nasi tumpeng" loh!!! hihihihi... teruslah berkarya sob.. (^O^)//

  2. waaa........

  3. @Gita: makasih... I'm happy to be your friend too :) nasi tumpeng, ntar yg versi kecil aja ya

    @fannie: thank you