Thursday, October 27, 2011

Kuda Lumping

Today, October 28 is a celebration of "Sumpah Pemuda",
a day when all Indonesian young generation  vow to have one Country, one Language, and one Nation: Indonesia.
Alvine Craft, one of Indonesian Crafting community, held an amigurumi competition to celebrate the Sumpah Pemuda.
the theme was Indonesian' traditional clothes.
I made Kuda Lumping and Kuda Lumping's Dancer for the entry.
The dancer of course wearing traditional clothes so didn't break the rule, right?
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 the dancer and the horse

Kuda Lumping is a traditional dance from East Java, where the dancer ride a Kuda Lumping (horse, made from bamboo).
The dancer also bring a whip in his hands. (I made the whip, but it's so ugly)
while it visually looked cute, I bet children would like to have a kuda lumping for toys, but it's actually also a trance dance.
the dancer later under trance condition eat glasses, the sharp glass shard, and they're okay, not hurt at all.

the fire was real, 
and in fact I also burn some incense to make smoke effect, 
thank fully the doll was not possessed during the photo shoot.

woo.. scary right? I never watch a Kuda Lumping directly, I don't think I could watch it.
But I'm proud of this traditional dance, it's a mythical and artistic dance.
If you were going to visit East Java, you have too watch Kuda Lumping, that if you have strong guts :p
for now you can watch the video on youtube.

the horse is the hardest part to make because of its shape.

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  1. ya ampun mba desy... bagus bangetttt.. rasanya pgn belajar amigurumi sm dirimu :)