Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Orangutan #10: Doutzen

it's orangutan's time again!
my friend Prue requested to adopt a yellow orangutan

Prue is my friend since elementary school, junior high then college
if it weren't because of her suggestion, I might not take the school art test for the second time after failed the first one.
I might finished the management school, become a manager or marketing person.
Thanks to her now I'm actually an animator and made this blog :)
Prue is a news reporter, a twitter-holic, and recently has a blog too.
and by the way, she's a good painter/ artist too, hopefully one day she has a time to paint again.

so here's Doutzen, the Yellow orangutan
I've made a yellow orangutan before, so this time I used another kind of yellow

Doutzen is a shy orangutan, but she loves camera a lot!
Doutzen's favorite time: Daydreaming time!

You could also adopt your own orangutan dolls in your favorite color or in the original color (brown-red brown).
By adopting an orangutan doll you could help real orangutan at the conservatory
read here for more informations or read the post under orangutanku labels for updated news.


  1. andaikan ada orangutan betina yang bersahaja,baik hati,penuh cinta dan kasih sayang tidak gemar memusuhi kekasih mereka sendiri mungkin mereka bisa bertemu kembali. kenapa ga bikin sepasang orangutan yang berteman baik&bahagia?

  2. semuanya bagus, luar biasa !

  3. @anonymous: sepasang orang utan ya... good idea :) nanti dicoba, sayang kamu ngga ninggalin nama, ntar kalo beneran jadi saya bilang makasihnya ke siapa dong :)

    @anonymous: makasih ya