Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Orangutanku #9: Budi

If you learn to write and read in Bahasa, the first sentences you'll learn would be:
ini Budi
ini ibu Budi
(translation: this is Budi, This is Budi's Mom)

ini Ya Budi

Budi is a common name in Indonesia, at least 10-20 years ago.
Now, Budi is a rare (antique) name, since Indonesian parents love to give unique names, mostly western name with wrong spelling.
since there is basically no rules on giving family name, you could name your kids whatever you like.
You like Star Wars, you could name your kid Darth Vader, seriously.

accidentally, this month themes beside Dad's birthday and Halloween there is also yellow theme.
I made yellow chicken, yellow orangutan, and a yellow....

Ya Budi suka pisang

the banana was made using a pattern from a book.
it's weird working using someone's pattern, it less fun than free styling :p

Oh, almost forgotten,
Budi is available for adoption for 90000 IDR :)
as usual 10% gained from the adoption would be saved for the Orangutanku Project.

The banana and the shipment cost not included
the special offers is still available ;)

just in case you are curious, Budi suka pisang means Budi likes Banana.

UPDATE October 27 2010 : Budi is sold (wait a minute it sounded bad, but yes He is sold)

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