Friday, October 15, 2010

Yo Yo Dieting Cats from the Mischief Champions

Have you ever read the Mischief Champions? (check it out, believe me, you'll like it)
there are a lot of odd drawings to make you happy , as it said for the site's tag line.
it's one of my must-see-weekly web, and sometimes I read it 3 times a week :p
Months ago, Katrin Hagen, the head behind the Mischief, commissioned me to transform one of her drawings into crocheted toy.
as you see, her realistic drawing style is totally different than mine (I never really made a realistic drawings!)
She kindly chose the Yo-yo dieting , which is the most simple drawing, to be transformed to crocheted toy.

there was some sketching and prototyping process, and finally it's done :)

of course, the umbrellas were only used for the photo session, the sun here was very strong :p
it was a really fun work, maybe next time I will make another toy based on her drawings too as a fan craft.

so, do you want to have your own customized crocheted toys too?
just send me e-mail :)

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