Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Not a Froyo, only Frozen Android

 a custom made for Neta.

you could make your own android too, using my free pattern.
or you could ask me to make one for you, I'll only charge the crocheting fee and the ingredient cost :)

Did I say you may not sell it?  well... who knows what people do with their own creation.
let's say, you may make android as much as you want, maybe for money, but you must remember it's not
an official merchandise and might be copyrighted, so you have to know the consequences :)
But I think it's fair enough if you were charging for the crocheting fee and the yarn cost.
(and also fair for the one who wants the android doll)
here's a tips: do not put it on your store, do not make one then sell it, only make it when someone need it and last thing, DON"T MAKE A MASS PRODUCTION of these android amigurumi dolls :p

by the way, How bout my android phone?  I still haven't got one.
anybody, please buy me one :P

Monday, May 30, 2011

Rainbow at the Asphalt

few weeks ago, it was raining on a bright day.
The rain was pretty heavy, but it was still a bright day.
I was searching for rainbow in the sky but found it at the asphalt, following the public car we were riding.
it was really a simply natural yet amazing moment.
something you didn't expect but make you smile.
and what happened recently makes me remember those rainbows.

I had a bad week, I can't say it was the worst week ever,
like it wasn't a storm, only a heavy rain.
something that makes me had a :( emoticon in my diary (if I ever wrote one)
but Thanks to Meilani of Pygmalioncraft
she sent me a surprise gift last week, so the :( streaks ended that day.

I really love the earrings and the sketchbook :)
Sketchbook is something I always need, and earrings is the only accessories I always wear.
I just find out that she made cute sketchbook, so if you need sketchbook, just check her blog/ facebook.
so She was the winner on my birthday giveaway last year, and this time, She was sending gift for her birthday.
Wow, I really love the new tradition!
Thanks a lot, Meilani! Hope you'll have your dreams come true :)

PS: prepare for the next giveaway ;)

Monday, May 23, 2011

Ada Telepon

back in college, I don't remember the subject, we have to pick an inanimate object, then draw it using various techniques and styles.
I pick telephone, and turns out, Telephone (the non-mobile one) is my favorite inanimate object until now.

am I imagining things, or this phone looked like pig?

Don't you miss the time when there's only one telephone for all family member? running everytime the phone rings, wishing that it is for you.  Calling someone secretly, whispering so nobody know what and to whom you are talking to?
okay.. some people don't even remember it, I'm being a nostalgic old woman.

"since the phone went mobile, all we have is bad connection"

by the way, in Indonesia, instead saying, "the telephone rings!" or "there's a call for you", we say "Ada telepon!" (means there's a telephone).
so sometime we use it to trolling around yelling, "ada telepon!" and let someone run for it and find there's a telephone but it's not ringing at all.

Teleponnya mati (the phone is dead)

when you've got a call, but the caller hang it up, Indonesian would say, "Telepon-nya mati" which means "the telephone is dead".

I shoulda add some blood on the picture... but I don't do photoshop :p

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Komodo Journey to Komodo Island

Remember Komodo amigurumi that I made ..umm years ago?
My sister, Severine, had a vacation to the Komodo Island last week.
She's kindly brought the Komodo amigurumi along through the journey.
They had some transit at no less exotic place like Kuta.
see that giant turtle statue? It was in Kuta, Bali.
The Komodo looked very happy to visit the island and meet its own kind.
Don't you think it's really cool?  maybe I'll ask her bring my another amigurumi too when she visit other cool places :D
There are a lot more cool picture from her journey, really, Komodo Island is worth to visit.
Those Komodo are very lucky :)
Thanks a lot, Sis!

Salak Galak

S is for Salak (Snakeskin fruit or Salacca edulis)
not an ordinary Salak, he is Salak Galak (Grumpy Salak)
why he was so Grumpy? don't ask him, unless you want to be yelled at.

maybe because he was forced to hanging out with the smooth-skinned eggs?
Salak is one of my favorite fruit, especially the Salak Pondoh which are sweeter than Salak Bali,
but you can't eat too much salak at a time, it would give you constipation :p

Yay... 7 more letters to go :)

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Monas 1.2

Have you been to Jakarta?
You've never been to Jakarta if you haven't see its traffic Monas :)

made this pattern for the Indonesian knitter community (Milis Mari Merajut)

Monas is an obelisk type monument built in Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia.
it's actually my second attempt on making the monument, because the first one is way too tall, about 4 times taller than a skyscraper building (amigurumi building, of course)
there might be Monas 2.0 or more since it still need some perfection.
but if you think a Chibi-Monas-Amigurumi is cute enough, here's the pattern.

right-click to view it larger

The Pattern is in Bahasa, but if you need the English pattern, just write a comment, cause I'm not sure everybody want to make Monas.
Me? I'm more a Gedung Sate person.

Btw about the torch's color, it was a big debate between me and others.  It was supposed to be Gold, but I saw it more like Kuning Tai yellowish -brown, while others insist it has to be more brighter yellow.
what do you think?

took the picture from here

Sunday, May 15, 2011

R for Rafflesia arnoldi

Rafflesia arnoldii, the largest flower in earth, its diameter could reach one meter
Named after Thomas Stamford Raffles, but commonly called as "bunga bangkai" or corpse flower,
because of its scent.

is that why it looks so hysterical?
or because it is now considered as endangered flower?

BTW, I made this cute red with polka dots at the Crafty days

Oleh-oleh dari Crafty Days

When you visit a place, having fun and bring a lot of stories and souvenirs for your friends, you are bringing "oleh-oleh".
I spent a very happy weekend on Crafty Days, so here's some "oleh-oleh" for you

Zpiderdzigh's stand, definitely not as crowded as the other stands

Crafty Days- Day one preparation

you could check more pictures via facebook (since there's a lot of picture)
it was really amazing to see a lot of local crafters and their work.
oh I wanna buy this and that!
there's a green bag that I really want, but I was about 10 seconds too late, a little girl grab it and bought it :(

I was almost run away as I saw their preparation, seeing my desk compared to their.
But thankfully I stayed :p
seeing people looking at directly to my knitted toy are priceless :)
so thank you everyone who have visited my stand :)

At the second day, I brought my crochet project with me, so it was more a demo than selling toys.
I never felt comfortable to crochet/knitting in public before, but since there were a lot of people playing with yarn here and there, it was pretty fun.
"memberi pencerahan" ( =more or less it was brightening, giving new ideas/sight, etc)

it's perfect for my first and only offline bazaar. it's been decided this way a long time before I decided to take part on this event :) But I'm sure we'll meet again.

Thank You Tobucil! See you next year (or maybe next week, since there's a lot of pretty yarns)

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Q without A

looking for any words in Bahasa begin with letter Q is tricky.
there are Qurban (=offering), Quran (=Koran), Qalbu (not sure what it means) but those words are actually Arabian.
From random words, there are Quidditch (I watched Harry Potters, but I'm not a fans, so it's a no), and Quinn from Farah Quinn, the chef in a TV program, but NO WAY (in bold yeah, NO WAY).
I could make some Queen based theme, because I watched the royal wedding, but it was too late.
I also thought of making a fan art of Master Q, one of my favorite comics, but it would be too complicated.
There are also some phrase like Q.E.D (Quad Erat Demonstrandum) and Quality over Quantity too, but it gave me headache so I prefer the basic.
Q is for letter Q

with a little twist of course, it's a Q without A
Question without Answer.

looking through the index, and Q still can't find its A

so, what's your Q without A?
mine is when will I get married?  -_-'
oh it's annoying, can we skip the question, like do I need to?

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

sneak peek for the crafty days

"not now Zpider, that's for Tobucil's crafty days!"

super excited for the crafty days, so I shared a teaser.
don't forget, it's at 14-15 May 2011 :)