Saturday, February 13, 2010

Komodo the Komodo Dragon

Since I'm making a post about Indonesian animal, here is my komodo-amigurumi.
Komodo is the largest living lizard, which are naturally living at Komodo island in Indonesia.
I made this komodo because that's the least thing I can do to support komodo to become one of the new 7 wonder (nature category).
Well, they said it would be better if I give vote to support the komodo at the new7wonder site,
BUT, shame on me, I can't make it.
I did go to the site but somehow I don't know how to vote it :(
I could just ask anybody else about it, but then I think it would be better (and forgivable) if I could get more people to vote on the komodo too.
So if you find this komodo amigurumi is cute or even if you don't think this komodo is cute at all and you just care about the komodo, please vote for the komodo.
anyway, you don't have to be Indonesian to vote on the Komodo ;)

I must admit I had a problem choosing the komodo's colors.
I'm so confuse, are they green or brown?
Please don't let the color stop you on giving vote on komodos.

I had troubles getting natural background because of the rainy season and I'm not a photoshopper so I manipulated all the pictures in this post.
So please don't praise me for the beautiful background of the picture, the credits belong to the great National Geography's photographers.

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