Thursday, February 25, 2010

at the rest stop

No, I have nothing new yet.
I had a crochet marathon in the last two month.
It's not normal, cause I knew I'm a lazy person
The weirdest thing was I become 10 times creative when I am busy.
It was the same like when I was in school, I made my comic story when I was supposed to study for exams.

After spending 8 hours holding mouse then 5 hours holding crochet hook everyday for the last 2 months, Now I'm taking a rest.
Not because I am sick or bored, I just remember that I had spending too long without holding a mouse pen.

How could I call my self an illustrator or designer or a comic stripper if I never make any illustrations or comic or designs? (of course beside my daily job)
I did designed all of my amigurumi, but it was not enough for me to be called as a designer, especially compared to my friends (who are also designers)
it seems like I'm having more fun making dolls than making picture, but no, I love to do both.

So after some short mouse-pen-session the last 4 days, hopefully I will start to take my crochet and yarns again tomorrow.

I made this post to praise my self and pat my own shoulder for being too diligent :D

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