Monday, February 27, 2012

a too nice Sunday to skip

so yesterday was my first time going to a knitter/crocheter gathering at Jakarta.
I was having a fever the day before, I lost my voice, and almost canceled my plan.  Luckily, I didn't.
it was a too nice day to just skip it. Before I left my room, I read a tweet that the government made a free TransJakarta ride all day long, and it's true!
the bad thing was, it was Sunday, everybody's going out, everybody's riding the TransJakarta (shuttle bus) and the air conditioner malfunctioned :(
however, I finally arrived at the meeting point, meet new friends.  I knew some from the online forum, but it was the first time meeting them.  too bad I can't speak at all, so I can't say Hi to my new friends.  I also didn't bring any yarns or tools so I can't knit along with them.
And then, surprise!  We already know that there were going to be a presentation from Tulip Japan, but we didn't expect to get a free pink crochet hook originally from Japan.  If I didn't lost my voice I would have screaming, "KAWAII DESU!!!"

the hook size is 3.50 mm (number 6), perfectly fit for the double ply yarns I recently used.  I already have a set of crochet hooks, but it wasn't as cute as the new pink crochet.
as you can guess, I spent my night making amigurumi using the new hook :)
it wasn't the first time I used "etimo" crochet hook from Tulip, but I was a lot happier, cause it's PINK!
creativity is not limited by the tools, but the perfect tools can boost the creativity (at least for me).

by the way, I also got a free dishwasher soap from the restaurant. I love freebies :)

Ah, about the amigurumi, it's Anying without the removable guts.

me on the newspaper!

this is my very first time appeared in newspaper!  maybe it's just a naive dream, but it is one of my secret dream, to be in newspaper or on television.
Thank you, Suara Pembaruan, thank you Mas Adi.
anyway, I think I have to make some clarification:
1.  The Orangutanku project is my own initiative, it's not an official project from BOSF, but I did send them a notification when I started this project :)
2. My birthplace is Brest, not Breast okay... put away that extra a, it's totally different!
3.  right now, I'm not 28 years old yet, I'm just 27 years and 2 months old.

 read the full article here (it's in Bahasa, sorry)

Friday, February 24, 2012

welcome to the instant-noodle-life

When I finally decided to move to Jakarta and rent a room,
my friend said, "welcome to instant-noodle-life!"
cause it's a common for "anak kost" (people who rent a room monthly) to have instant noodle for lunch or dinner.
Most anak kost are so busy or so lazy to cook, that they prefer to buy food than to cook it.
and what we call cooking is actually, cooking instant noodle, or just boiling hot water to make a cup noodle.
it is rare to find anak kost who really cooking real food.
Me? I have to admit, I can't cook at all so I buy my meal everyday.
but when it's near the end of the month and I haven't received my salary, I have to try extra hard not to buy cup noodle to save my money and my stomach.

Cup noodle is cheap, about 50% cheaper than my average lunch, it's delicious, it's easy to "cook", but it's unhealthy.
the magic of cup noodle is, when you "cook" a cup noodle at the office, most people love the smell, and somehow it temps another to make cup noodle too. very dangerous :p

PS: don't worry, mom, I only ate cup noodle/ instant noodle once this month.

Monday, February 13, 2012

big amigurumi mission part one

I've been making amigurumis for almost 5 years.
and since the last two years I made at least one amigurumi every week.
Can you imagine how crowded would my room be if I keep all of my amigurumis?
Actually it wouldn't be too crowded since I only made small amigurumis.
the biggest amigurumi I ever made is only 30 cm tall, and the rest are just about 10 cm talls.
it's not that I didn't want to make bigger amigurumi, but here in Indonesia it's hard to find bigger yarns, and I'm too lazy to just adding more stitches and rows to make the amigurumi bigger, and please don't offer me bulky yarns, I hate it.
I spent last week looking for the perfect yarns in both online and offline markets, and finally found two candidates.
the first yarn is a 100% acrylic yarns, which doesn't have much color variations.  I bought it in an offline store at Blok M Plasa, Jakarta, and as suggested by the store owner, I knit it using two plies of yarns in a time to make it bigger. it works, but I haven't finish it yet, so let's talk about this yarn later.
then today (or was it yesterday?) the yarns I order from an online store arrived, cotton yarns. I originally love to use cotton yarns for my amigurumi. but this new cotton yarns' size are about two times bigger than my favorite yarn.
as I arrived in my room, I started to crochet the yarns using my old sheep pattern. I didn't modify the pattern at all, and obviously the finished amigurumi is npw two.. no four time bigger  than my original amigurumi.

I spent 5 hours to finish the big sheep

made using the exactly same pattern,
 the big one using hook number 6, while the small one using hook number 2.

big sheep and the small sheep and the unfinished BIG knitted amigurumi

big amigurumi mission completed!
what I love the most from my this big yarn is, it is a local yarn, so it's cheap :D
it also has a lot of color variations, but I only bought 5 colors for now (I don't bought the big black yarns, that's why I used brown for the face and foots).
the only problem is I don't have big eyes for my big amigurumi, but I think I'll figure it out next month :)

Friday, February 10, 2012

Valentine bears

Happy Valentine's Day!
this year you can ask the Valentine Bears to send your love to your special one :)

the Valentine Bears will be available at Indie Artspace   (Mazee fX Lifestyles X'nter - 6th Floor. Sudirman - Jakarta)  starting next week 

Monday, February 6, 2012


after a month full of cockroach, I promised to make cute things but...
I missed last week!

I did made something, a cute thing, but I can't post it yet.
well I write this post, just so you know, I'll be back soon :)