Friday, February 24, 2012

welcome to the instant-noodle-life

When I finally decided to move to Jakarta and rent a room,
my friend said, "welcome to instant-noodle-life!"
cause it's a common for "anak kost" (people who rent a room monthly) to have instant noodle for lunch or dinner.
Most anak kost are so busy or so lazy to cook, that they prefer to buy food than to cook it.
and what we call cooking is actually, cooking instant noodle, or just boiling hot water to make a cup noodle.
it is rare to find anak kost who really cooking real food.
Me? I have to admit, I can't cook at all so I buy my meal everyday.
but when it's near the end of the month and I haven't received my salary, I have to try extra hard not to buy cup noodle to save my money and my stomach.

Cup noodle is cheap, about 50% cheaper than my average lunch, it's delicious, it's easy to "cook", but it's unhealthy.
the magic of cup noodle is, when you "cook" a cup noodle at the office, most people love the smell, and somehow it temps another to make cup noodle too. very dangerous :p

PS: don't worry, mom, I only ate cup noodle/ instant noodle once this month.


  1. hai mba dessy, ada award di blogku untuk zpiderdzigh. Silahkan berkunjung ke blogku ya mba ^^

  2. Thank you Icha, and thanks a lot for the award.
    OOps...(kenapa gw jawab pake bahasa Inggris ya)

    Makasih Icha, dan makasih juga buat awardnya :)

  3. Lucu bangeeet!...bisa kebuka..ada isinya lagi..hahha

  4. hahaha - so cute and fun! :) thank you for sharing! :D

  5. So cutee... It even awares of its lacking of nutrition that it spills itself a bit to the floor :D