Thursday, September 30, 2010

Special offers!!

I know, it's not December yet
there's no special day, no Christmas, not even my birthday.
Just in case you don't get it, my name, Dessy, because I was born in December.

it's too early for making Christmas and Birthday wishes, but I can't wait any longer.

I want a Flickr Pro Account.
I need a Flickr Pro Account.

If I could, I would buy it by myself, but I can't :((

I write this, just in case there is anybody care to help me buy me a Flickr Pro
pretty please ;;)
it's okay if there isn't, I'll wait till December

so here's the deal for anyone who buy me a Flickr Pro account, I would make you an orangutan dolls.
You may choose the color, you want a black Orangutan? go ahead, it's up to you, I'll make it for you (even tough it's not my favorite color)

By spending 24-25 USD, you will get:
  1. a flickr pro account for me :)
  2. a customized orangutan dolls
  3. free shipping cost
  4. helping the real orangutan (I would save 5 USD for the orangutanku project)
  5. free pouch made by my Mom :)
feel free to ask me about this special offers.
Basically, I would need about 7-10 days to make you an orangutan doll, and the shipment would take about 2-4 weeks, depends on the destination.

and.. if you prefer to have any other dolls, just ask me, I might be able to make it for you.

THANKS a lot for reading :)

PS: it's totally cool if you just like to read this blog, I really appreciate it.
even tough I don't have a flickr Pro yet, I would uploading some pictures through another image hosting

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Knitted Octopus

My friend requested a small octopus doll.
She gave me a picture for the reference, a crocheted octopus doll,
and she asked for a baby blue octopus.
Blame it on my PMS, I was in the mood of using knitting needles, and somehow I don't feel like making crochet doll.
And instead grabbing a baby blue yarns I took another blue yarns.
at the time I began to knit, I was thinking of knitting something else.
but in the end I made a knitted octopus.

I took 2 days to finish it, a very much longer time than making a crocheted baby octopus, because of the small legs.
obviously, this octopus is not my friend's request, but if you like it you can have it, Gita! ;)

I'm not sure with my next weekly dolls, since I will be back to my animation project till November.
And now I'm having problem upgrading my flickr account, since  the octopus is officially the 200th picture, I can't upload new pictures for a while :(

see you soon.. hopefully sooner than November :)

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Flying Fox

Were I a fox, I wouldn't jump over the lazy dog, I would fly over the dogs :) 



the fox design was made a few months ago, but I just got time to realized it this week.
I don't know about the other place, you could find flying foxes almost everywhere in Indonesia.
at the forest (outbound trip), at tourist spots, and in some malls.
umm.. I'm not talking about the flying animal, it's something like this
Do people really like it?  is it really fun?
my only adrenalin sport is watching horrors, I hate scaring my self to death by something which involves higher places.

By the way, at the same time I was making this fox, the next studio where I am working for was designing a fox, a mascot for a community.
Just in case my fellow friend from that studio read this blog.  This fox is unfortunately not based nor inspired from your design.  It's purely coincidence, cool isn't it?

Monday, September 13, 2010

Orangutanku #8: Sekar

I just went back from my fun vacation to Bali.
There's a lot of places I haven't go to in Indonesia, but Bali is definitely my favorite.
I could write a loooooong story about my vacation but not in this blog :)

Before went to Bali, I made this special orangutan.
Since Bali is famous for the exotic sunny beach, I made Sekar, the shocking pink orangutan.
Sekar is a nice traveling friend :)
Put her on your bag  and she won't complain, as long as you take her to interesting places. 

Sekar waiting for the delayed plane

Kuta Beach, the perfect place to get tanned :)

Sekar prefers hanging at the Kambojas Tree, than hanging out at the club

The beaches are cool, but I don't mind swimming at the lotus pool

Sekar available for adoption for 170000 IDR
15% gained from the adoption will be saved for the OrangUtanku Project
(Updated December 22, 2011 : Sekar now staying with my niece, Kiko)

PS: interested to have another orangutan doll with different color variation? just tell me :)