Saturday, September 25, 2010

Knitted Octopus

My friend requested a small octopus doll.
She gave me a picture for the reference, a crocheted octopus doll,
and she asked for a baby blue octopus.
Blame it on my PMS, I was in the mood of using knitting needles, and somehow I don't feel like making crochet doll.
And instead grabbing a baby blue yarns I took another blue yarns.
at the time I began to knit, I was thinking of knitting something else.
but in the end I made a knitted octopus.

I took 2 days to finish it, a very much longer time than making a crocheted baby octopus, because of the small legs.
obviously, this octopus is not my friend's request, but if you like it you can have it, Gita! ;)

I'm not sure with my next weekly dolls, since I will be back to my animation project till November.
And now I'm having problem upgrading my flickr account, since  the octopus is officially the 200th picture, I can't upload new pictures for a while :(

see you soon.. hopefully sooner than November :)


  1. btw, mama gw n si dede mau request bikin juga nih tapi blom diputuskan mau apa, u bikinnya juga ga usah buru2..ntar dikbrin lg ya..^^

  2. okey.. take your time juga deh :)