Wednesday, June 29, 2011

My "future" Amigurumi Gallery

Few months ago I found Lolanova's Mary Go Round frame pattern.
it looked so simple and pretty
the pattern is so easy to understand and also fun to do,
why wouldn't I try to make it? :)

I think the frames would be a nice perfection for my amigurumi gallery.
well I don't have amigurumi gallery yet, but it's okay to dream about it, right?
how do you think?

the wolf brothers

I think those like classic portraits in thriller movies about some psycho twin brothers.
maybe one of the scene would be like this.
Anybody cares to make the movie?

I have more plans to do for these duo, just wait :)

it's a teaser for my personal project. coming soon!

and by the way, this post itself is a spoiler for the next post
(I'm giving too much, it's not a teaser anymore)

W for Washing Machine

it's really tricky to find words begins with the last 5 letter of the alphabet,
that's why I'm late again :p
the good news is tomorrow will be my last day working at zeusbox studio, so I'll have plenty of time making new amigurumis while looking for a new job (Okay, it's not a good news, but let's pretend it is)

W is for Washing Machine

"isn't it too quiet here, or am I the only one being noisy here?"

I can live without refrigerator, but I can't survive living at the 21st century  without washing machine.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Nyok Kita Nonton Ondel Ondel!

(=let's watch the Ondel-ondel)

Happy Belated Birthday Jakarta!
I'm not a homo jakartaensis, so I didn't know it was Jakarta's birthday (June 22)
if I knew, I would have finished the Ondel-ondel on time.

Ondel-ondel is a traditional art from Jakarta (Batavia), and the Ondel-ondel itself is a  big puppet (about 2 meters tall) played by man inside it.
while my Ondel-ondel is the mini version, they are the finger Ondel-ondel!

There are male ondel-ondel who wears red mask, and female ondel ondel who wears white mask.
Both wear traditional Batavian clothing.
you can read more accurate explanation about the Ondel-ondel in wikipedia

I like the male Ondel-ondel more than the female, because the female Ondel-ondel's white face is scary and I think my ondel-ondel's hair looked like Medusa XD.

By the way, these Ondel-ondel were made for Festival Rajutan Indonesia (Indonesian Knitting Festival), I also designed the buildings and Monas amigurumi.
And for the Ondel-ondel's pattern..... hmmm... I think I will upload the pattern soon :)

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Vivi the Vacuum Cleaner

the party is over.
I had fun, I still have this smile in my face.
but I can't help feeling sad, confused, and maybe tired seeing what was left.
and I know I have to clean them up.
Because if I don't, there won't be any party later.
Thankfully there's Vivi the Vacuum cleaner helping me to clean up the confetti.

when I was young, I believe that vacuum cleaner was the most modern thing in the house.
Not the TV.
The Vacuum cleaner looked so futuristic with a lot of buttons, noises, and... its cable.
The vacuum cleaner has a long plug in cable, and when you push the button, the cable rolls back into the vacuum cleaner. it's really Cool!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Ulat Ungu Nan Unyu

U is for the cutest critter ever: Ulat Ungu Nan Unyu
(=cute purple caterpillar)

unyu itself is a slang, so you won't find the word in dictionary.

it took a long time to finish this Ulat, because of the broken television.
I did many things while watching TV, so without it, I simply can't do those things.

it's no secret that I made most of my yarn toys while watching television.
My motto is "no DVD, no productDVD".
so.. it's true.
Instead of finishing the Ulat, I played nintendo for days, and barely finish this week amigurumi :p.