Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Monas 1.2

Have you been to Jakarta?
You've never been to Jakarta if you haven't see its traffic Monas :)

made this pattern for the Indonesian knitter community (Milis Mari Merajut)

Monas is an obelisk type monument built in Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia.
it's actually my second attempt on making the monument, because the first one is way too tall, about 4 times taller than a skyscraper building (amigurumi building, of course)
there might be Monas 2.0 or more since it still need some perfection.
but if you think a Chibi-Monas-Amigurumi is cute enough, here's the pattern.

right-click to view it larger

The Pattern is in Bahasa, but if you need the English pattern, just write a comment, cause I'm not sure everybody want to make Monas.
Me? I'm more a Gedung Sate person.

Btw about the torch's color, it was a big debate between me and others.  It was supposed to be Gold, but I saw it more like Kuning Tai yellowish -brown, while others insist it has to be more brighter yellow.
what do you think?

took the picture from here

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