Monday, May 30, 2011

Rainbow at the Asphalt

few weeks ago, it was raining on a bright day.
The rain was pretty heavy, but it was still a bright day.
I was searching for rainbow in the sky but found it at the asphalt, following the public car we were riding.
it was really a simply natural yet amazing moment.
something you didn't expect but make you smile.
and what happened recently makes me remember those rainbows.

I had a bad week, I can't say it was the worst week ever,
like it wasn't a storm, only a heavy rain.
something that makes me had a :( emoticon in my diary (if I ever wrote one)
but Thanks to Meilani of Pygmalioncraft
she sent me a surprise gift last week, so the :( streaks ended that day.

I really love the earrings and the sketchbook :)
Sketchbook is something I always need, and earrings is the only accessories I always wear.
I just find out that she made cute sketchbook, so if you need sketchbook, just check her blog/ facebook.
so She was the winner on my birthday giveaway last year, and this time, She was sending gift for her birthday.
Wow, I really love the new tradition!
Thanks a lot, Meilani! Hope you'll have your dreams come true :)

PS: prepare for the next giveaway ;)

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