Sunday, May 15, 2011

Oleh-oleh dari Crafty Days

When you visit a place, having fun and bring a lot of stories and souvenirs for your friends, you are bringing "oleh-oleh".
I spent a very happy weekend on Crafty Days, so here's some "oleh-oleh" for you

Zpiderdzigh's stand, definitely not as crowded as the other stands

Crafty Days- Day one preparation

you could check more pictures via facebook (since there's a lot of picture)
it was really amazing to see a lot of local crafters and their work.
oh I wanna buy this and that!
there's a green bag that I really want, but I was about 10 seconds too late, a little girl grab it and bought it :(

I was almost run away as I saw their preparation, seeing my desk compared to their.
But thankfully I stayed :p
seeing people looking at directly to my knitted toy are priceless :)
so thank you everyone who have visited my stand :)

At the second day, I brought my crochet project with me, so it was more a demo than selling toys.
I never felt comfortable to crochet/knitting in public before, but since there were a lot of people playing with yarn here and there, it was pretty fun.
"memberi pencerahan" ( =more or less it was brightening, giving new ideas/sight, etc)

it's perfect for my first and only offline bazaar. it's been decided this way a long time before I decided to take part on this event :) But I'm sure we'll meet again.

Thank You Tobucil! See you next year (or maybe next week, since there's a lot of pretty yarns)


  1. Hi Sis, I like your blog and crochets..lovely
    and I missed the crafty day at Tobucil..oh so pity..
    I list out your blog in my blog as my Artsy friend. do you mind ?

    Thanks ya

  2. Thanks a lot Dewie, if only I have more time, I would take more pictures so you could take a virtual visit to the crafty days.

    Of course I don't mind :) it's nice to have new artsy friend