Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Not a Froyo, only Frozen Android

 a custom made for Neta.

you could make your own android too, using my free pattern.
or you could ask me to make one for you, I'll only charge the crocheting fee and the ingredient cost :)

Did I say you may not sell it?  well... who knows what people do with their own creation.
let's say, you may make android as much as you want, maybe for money, but you must remember it's not
an official merchandise and might be copyrighted, so you have to know the consequences :)
But I think it's fair enough if you were charging for the crocheting fee and the yarn cost.
(and also fair for the one who wants the android doll)
here's a tips: do not put it on your store, do not make one then sell it, only make it when someone need it and last thing, DON"T MAKE A MASS PRODUCTION of these android amigurumi dolls :p

by the way, How bout my android phone?  I still haven't got one.
anybody, please buy me one :P


  1. woooooot.....
    Frozen android?
    :)) LOL.....
    so cool....

    yes, i've made one of the android doll from your pattern...
    and it's not really perfect as yours.
    :( ihiks...

  2. Thanks, Fannie

    and I saw your android, and I think it's perfect, and I kinda proud and thankful, you did try my pattern :)