Thursday, May 5, 2011

Q without A

looking for any words in Bahasa begin with letter Q is tricky.
there are Qurban (=offering), Quran (=Koran), Qalbu (not sure what it means) but those words are actually Arabian.
From random words, there are Quidditch (I watched Harry Potters, but I'm not a fans, so it's a no), and Quinn from Farah Quinn, the chef in a TV program, but NO WAY (in bold yeah, NO WAY).
I could make some Queen based theme, because I watched the royal wedding, but it was too late.
I also thought of making a fan art of Master Q, one of my favorite comics, but it would be too complicated.
There are also some phrase like Q.E.D (Quad Erat Demonstrandum) and Quality over Quantity too, but it gave me headache so I prefer the basic.
Q is for letter Q

with a little twist of course, it's a Q without A
Question without Answer.

looking through the index, and Q still can't find its A

so, what's your Q without A?
mine is when will I get married?  -_-'
oh it's annoying, can we skip the question, like do I need to?