Monday, May 23, 2011

Ada Telepon

back in college, I don't remember the subject, we have to pick an inanimate object, then draw it using various techniques and styles.
I pick telephone, and turns out, Telephone (the non-mobile one) is my favorite inanimate object until now.

am I imagining things, or this phone looked like pig?

Don't you miss the time when there's only one telephone for all family member? running everytime the phone rings, wishing that it is for you.  Calling someone secretly, whispering so nobody know what and to whom you are talking to?
okay.. some people don't even remember it, I'm being a nostalgic old woman.

"since the phone went mobile, all we have is bad connection"

by the way, in Indonesia, instead saying, "the telephone rings!" or "there's a call for you", we say "Ada telepon!" (means there's a telephone).
so sometime we use it to trolling around yelling, "ada telepon!" and let someone run for it and find there's a telephone but it's not ringing at all.

Teleponnya mati (the phone is dead)

when you've got a call, but the caller hang it up, Indonesian would say, "Telepon-nya mati" which means "the telephone is dead".

I shoulda add some blood on the picture... but I don't do photoshop :p


  1. lol but your amigurumi telephone not gonna dead:) lovely ami and cute story :)

  2. Hi @Ahmaymet Thank you, glad you like it :)