Friday, August 26, 2011

Android 2.0

I made android . again .
of course I wouldn't name it Android 2.0 if there's no improvisation.
compare it to the late android here
yup, this Android 2.0 got some ornament at its abdomen, how do you think?

since the first android has been given away, I made this one for myself.
I (still) can't afford buying android phone, so for now I have android charm.
it's not an official item, but that's all I can afford for now  *sigh*
I don't know yet whether to use it as phone strap charm or for my flash disk.
it would be cute for necklace too, or any other idea?

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Experiment Bunny on My Zombie Days

Lately things move on zombie mode.
next week would be what we call Lebaran Holiday.
Most office in Indonesia, including government office will have a very long extended holiday.
the real free day was actually only 2 days, but due to "Mudik" tradition, the office usually give extra off days.
Mudik means "going home", so a lot of people will go back to their hometown to celebrate Lebaran with their parents then visit their ancestor's grave.
if you ever read about how crowded Jakarta is, most Homo Jakartaensis are actually from everywhere in Indonesia.
My parents are actually from Central of Java, so I spent my childhood "mudik" to my grandparents house there.
it's still at the same island, but it took a half a day to go there by car or train, while there are also a lot of people who "mudik" to another island, which of course took a longer time to get there.
That's why Lebaran Holiday would be a very long extended holiday.
Now, at a week before Lebaran, all I see is Zombie, because everybody (especially working people) already thinking of the Holiday next week.

What about me? I'm still living with parents, so I don't have to Mudik :p
so don't worry, I will post something during the Holiday.

 about the amigurumi, I was doing some experiment.
My crafty friends suggest me to use double yarns to make bigger amigurumi.
so Yup, this amigurumi is actually 3 times bigger than my normal knitted bunny (but it still small).
Since it is an experiment, I tried to make some accent with cable knitting at the sweater's part.
I think I will use the cable knitting again on my next amigurumi.

Okay, that's for now I have to do my Laundry.. no, not because my housekeeper Mudik, we don't hire any housekeeper (so I'm the housekeeper) :p

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Chessy The Cat

it's been long since I made my last gigi series,
So now it's time for a new one, Chessy the Cat

Gigi series is all about teeth, so of course I had to make Chesire Cat from Alice in Wonderland.
Cat is my less favorite character, but Disney's Chesire is an exceptional, maybe because of his smile.
Chessy's stripped purple top is based on Disney's Chesire.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Nastar time!

I'm not fasting, but I've been waiting for this month to come.
because fasting month is cookies month!
like Christmas, on Lebaran we usually visit or being visited by family or friends.
so before Lebaran came, we usually prepared some snack to serve the guest.
the popular snack for Lebaran is cookies.
not just any cookies, it's Nastar or kastengel.
Nastar and Kastengel are cheese based cookies.
Nastar is more complicated than Kastengel because it has some pinneapple jam inside.

the real one is made by Dora, my sister in law, very delicious!

for the tradition-sake, I make some Nastar too, crocheted Nastar of course.
you could also try to make some too :)

zoom to read the pattern, or you could also print the simplified pattern

The real Nastar's top usually coated by yolk to make it shiny and then has some cheese sprinkle at it.
I used two tones of yellow yarns to recreate the baked effect and sew some beads for the sprinkles.

FYI, I used 7 beads in every Nastar and there are 36 Nastar in the jar  (not important fact, but I MUST write it).

while for the real recipe.... umm, I'm not proud of it, but I can't cook at all, so I have to ask my sister in law or my mother for the recipe.

Just in case you try the pattern, please do share the pictures :)
oh, and you may sell the Nastar, but do not sell the pattern.
if you are sharing the pattern, please link back to this post, not to the pattern directly.