Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Experiment Bunny on My Zombie Days

Lately things move on zombie mode.
next week would be what we call Lebaran Holiday.
Most office in Indonesia, including government office will have a very long extended holiday.
the real free day was actually only 2 days, but due to "Mudik" tradition, the office usually give extra off days.
Mudik means "going home", so a lot of people will go back to their hometown to celebrate Lebaran with their parents then visit their ancestor's grave.
if you ever read about how crowded Jakarta is, most Homo Jakartaensis are actually from everywhere in Indonesia.
My parents are actually from Central of Java, so I spent my childhood "mudik" to my grandparents house there.
it's still at the same island, but it took a half a day to go there by car or train, while there are also a lot of people who "mudik" to another island, which of course took a longer time to get there.
That's why Lebaran Holiday would be a very long extended holiday.
Now, at a week before Lebaran, all I see is Zombie, because everybody (especially working people) already thinking of the Holiday next week.

What about me? I'm still living with parents, so I don't have to Mudik :p
so don't worry, I will post something during the Holiday.

 about the amigurumi, I was doing some experiment.
My crafty friends suggest me to use double yarns to make bigger amigurumi.
so Yup, this amigurumi is actually 3 times bigger than my normal knitted bunny (but it still small).
Since it is an experiment, I tried to make some accent with cable knitting at the sweater's part.
I think I will use the cable knitting again on my next amigurumi.

Okay, that's for now I have to do my Laundry.. no, not because my housekeeper Mudik, we don't hire any housekeeper (so I'm the housekeeper) :p

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