Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Nastar time!

I'm not fasting, but I've been waiting for this month to come.
because fasting month is cookies month!
like Christmas, on Lebaran we usually visit or being visited by family or friends.
so before Lebaran came, we usually prepared some snack to serve the guest.
the popular snack for Lebaran is cookies.
not just any cookies, it's Nastar or kastengel.
Nastar and Kastengel are cheese based cookies.
Nastar is more complicated than Kastengel because it has some pinneapple jam inside.

the real one is made by Dora, my sister in law, very delicious!

for the tradition-sake, I make some Nastar too, crocheted Nastar of course.
you could also try to make some too :)

zoom to read the pattern, or you could also print the simplified pattern

The real Nastar's top usually coated by yolk to make it shiny and then has some cheese sprinkle at it.
I used two tones of yellow yarns to recreate the baked effect and sew some beads for the sprinkles.

FYI, I used 7 beads in every Nastar and there are 36 Nastar in the jar  (not important fact, but I MUST write it).

while for the real recipe.... umm, I'm not proud of it, but I can't cook at all, so I have to ask my sister in law or my mother for the recipe.

Just in case you try the pattern, please do share the pictures :)
oh, and you may sell the Nastar, but do not sell the pattern.
if you are sharing the pattern, please link back to this post, not to the pattern directly.


  1. aduuuhh.....lucu bangeeet ^__^

  2. waaa....nanti bisa kemakan tuuuh,hihi :)

  3. @gitagurita monggo Git :)

    @Tako: hai Tako, makasih ya :)

    @Aphrodita : hehehe udah dites ke keponakanku.. dan benar hampir dia makan kalo ngga diawasin