Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Last year I went to the zoo and met the Orangutan.
Funny, we're both orang (people), and we're Indonesian.

Nothing wrong with that zoo but,
it makes me think of a lot of Orangutans back in Indonesia.
How they are threatened because of loosing their home.
I don't blame anyone for this, but I do want to help the Orangutans, and you can join me too.
Let's help the orangutan return to their home.

I'm making new series named OrangUtanku (my Pongo). I made Orangutan doll based on my character design for an animation. And they are available for adoptions. Every 10% earned from the doll adoptions will be saved to adopt real Orangutan via BOS.

While the real orangutan adoption means taking care of an orangutan's needs at the shelter for some period, OrangUtanku adoption means you'll get a cute and cuddly orangutan doll stay with you as long as you want. Please don't stop if you care and want to adopt real orang utan too and do not hesitate to link to this page or directly to BOS

Find out more about OrangUtanku here

PS: now I'm officially receive paypal too :)


  1. Aaaaaargh... lucu buanget, Mbak. Pake acara nemplok di pohon. Jadi makin terlihat real.
    TOB TOB!

  2. hargane piro mbak....??

  3. lucu banget mba :D
    duh, karya mba dessy selalu keren2 deh. ditambah lagi hasil foto-nya juga keren.
    T.O.P B.G.T deh :D

    oh iya, mata bonekanya beli di mana mba?

  4. @anonymous : harganya antara 100-200 ribu... karena mukanya jadi beda2, bahannya juga macem2, mau?

    @mbak Melisa: hehe, kan memang orangutan perutnya bulat2

    @Ira: makasih :) , matanya beli di toko onlinenya Mbak Melisa di http://craftcentral.multiply.com/ lucu2 mata bonekanya

  5. I would really like the pattern for this. Any chance you would make it up and put the pattern up for sale? Thanks!

  6. I wrote a pattern, but it was more like a note to myself, and I kinda use some stitches that I don't even know what their names.
    so there's no pattern, not for now