Monday, June 28, 2010

The duridurirams

Do you remember about this sneak peek I made last month?
I was waiting for my online store opening (let's say etsy), but due to many problems, it won't happen any sooner :(
So...I don't think I have no reason to make you wait any longer to meet the Duridurirams

"We are Duridurirams, the smiling cactus in pot"

"What we do is just smile and stand sti...Where's the Yellow Duriduriram?"

"ehm.. well One of us get bored of standing still"

"I meant, some of us get bored sometimes"

"No, actually standing still in a pot is boring!"

"Why do we have to stay still in pots while we can go and hanging out?"

There are 5 Duridurirams with 5 different flowers (pink, purple, green, yellow, and blue)
All made by cotton yarn, clay teeth, and plastic eyes
they are about 6cm height and very light
The Duridurirams are available for adoption for 70000 IDR/ each
they don't really like to stay in pots, but you'll get free pot for every Duridurirams adoption :)

and guess what? there's a cute pouch as a bonus for every doll adoption,
exclusively made by my Mom :)

more cute picture at my flickr

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