Saturday, June 19, 2010

to make up the last post :)

yeah, the last post was awful, so I took my crochet and make this guy :)

He is Buba, the bear.
a lovely bear who love to cook and play golf

PS: the orangutanku project is a permanent project, I'll make some updates again sometimes.


  1. Cute!! Hey, wanna go into business together selling crochetted Poos on my blog? People like it and might want to buy one. :)

    PS... where's my free Poo ;)

  2. hi Justin, what a great offer, I love it :)
    of course as a great fans of Mythfits I would gladly do it

    BTW you've read my mind, actually I want to send you the first Poo doll I made, but haven't ask your mailing address (of course it's free!)
    I'll send you an e-mail soon ;)