Saturday, June 19, 2010

Just in case you are wondering

I love making crochetted toys, but did I ever make any other crochetted things?
Yes, I did, I rarely did, because the results are awful.
when I was a 2nd grade students (elementary school), I made a crochetted tea set, a very small tea set, with tea cups.
I thought I was making a very cool craft, there was rarely a 7 years old girl who can do crochet.
But my teacher was not agree with me, because all she saw was just some scrap of yarns.
Oh she didn't understand the beauty of my craft  :-P

Now, since I've started making crochetted toys, I tried making something else with yarn.
I made cardigans, it's so ugly, I won't share the picture here.
And last week, I made a camera pouch for my disderi camera
i though I was making a disderi shaped camera pouch

well, you see... I failed again
the star is too small.. and the pouch size is too big for the camera, and it's already my 2nd attempt to make the right size.
Oh.. really crochet is not my thing


  1. What are you talking about? You are a master crochetter. I wanna see that cardigan! lol :)

  2. I gave the cardigans to my sister, and she's kinda hide it on the deepest part of her closet :P

  3. too bad ur teacher didn't agree with this stuff. it's amazing!! u must have some super patient skill i dont possess.. lol..
    btw i must know who was that teacher ;)

  4. hmm, the teacher was right actually, it was a shape-less yarn :)
    yes, you know that teacher