Thursday, June 24, 2010

OrangUtanku #4: Jerry

Do you remember Ginanjar?
Jerry is Ginanjar's Brother

Made by exactly same ingredient and same amount of love.
let's say, they are same species, and there will be more Orangutan dolls like them.

But handmade dolls are never identical, Jerry is very special

He was born as a clown, the kind one, not the scary one :)
Jerry is an active and acrobatic Orangutan.
Jerry has a slightly problem with his eyes, but it doesn't stop him from swinging from trees to trees.

He's rarely go down from the trees, but He would be more than happy to stay with you for 90000 IDR (adoption fee, 10% belongs to the real Orangutan at the conservatory)


  1. may I publish these cute little ones on my blog?? might help you advertising ;)

  2. of course you may, thanks, Vicky :)