Saturday, May 31, 2014

Do You Remember Nody The Orangutan boy?

I barely remember to update my blog, and actually I should have updated this blog 2-3 weeks ago but I got a deadline.

Finally it's over! YAY!
(it's kinda sad actually, after spending a year working with the same client and then it's over, but I'll move on)
This morning I thought of making a new amigurumi, but I can't find THAT yarn with THAT particular color shade so ...

WAIT, that's not what this post was meant to be!
 Okay, back to business.  Do you remember Nody?
2-3 weeks ago I received a newsletter from BOSF.
Nody is now a big boy, he has graduated from the forest school and he is ready to go to the pre-release island.  one step closer to be a free orangutan :)
thanks for participating on the orangutanku project and of course thanks for the BOSF (The Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation).

courtesy of BOSF

okay.. now let's back to the yarn and needle business
but later, after I have some coffee.