Friday, January 28, 2011

Orangutanku #0 : Nody

remember my orangutanku project?

I was planning to make about 26 orangutan dolls last year and sell it to adopt a real orangutan on the shelter.

I failed making all 26 orangutan dolls before the end of 2010, and I don't think that I will try reaching the target this year.
it's not because I stopped to care, but there's a new project waiting. I would still gladly make you an orangutan doll and the 15% gained from the adoptional fee would belong to the real orangutan at the shelter as a donation.  So the different is I would only make orangutan dolls by order.

Failed to reach the target, doesn't mean failed reaching the goal.
Here's the good news, I finally adopted Nody, a 3 years old orangutan boy via BOSF.

He's cute, right?

for now I only adopted Nody for 3 months period, but I think I will continue the adoption after the next 3 months.  BOSF sent me the story of Nody, so it's like I have a kid, paying for his food, but takes no responsibility (which is FUN!).  like my sister said, at least we know our money used for something good.

So... if you are thinking to spend your money for a good cause, you might try adopting orangutans.

by the way, when I started the orangutanku project, I made a prototype, which I really love and I kept for myself. therefor you won't see him available for adoption.

Now I name this orangutan doll Nody, like my real orangutan boy :)

special thanks to Uli and Indra who already adopted orangutan dolls.

PS: will announce the new project soonish ;)
PSS: it's Nody, Not Yadi!

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