Sunday, January 30, 2011

the Chinese Gold Ornament

lately I love to go to shops/ malls seeing the Chinese New Year Decorations.
Not because I'm celebrating it, but it's Gold everywhere (I knew it's fake)
Since I'm more like Uncle Scrooge than a Daisy Duck, I really love seeing money and other valuable stone :)
I'm not Chinese but I thought it would be interesting to have some Chinese gold ornament for the Chinese New Year.

You might try too, I wrote the pattern but actually never tested it yet, so please understand if there were some mistakes.
And don't forget to hope for better prosperity :)

Oh It's shinning! it must be gold :p

 the pattern (right click then "save as")


  1. This is super cute!!! I need to buy the thread...:)
    The amigurumi you make are all really amazing.

  2. keren-keren banget .. selamat tahun baru cina... :)

  3. @Mar: thanks for visiting this blog :)

    @Kinkin: makasih udah mampir ke sini, selamat tahun baru cina juga :)