Sunday, January 2, 2011

Welcome 2011

I did wrote a long post before the electricity went out, then the post gone before I uploaded it.

Happy New Year for 2011!

May you have a prosperous year!

thanks you for visiting this blog in the past years, and thank you for re-visiting or maybe visiting this blog for the first time at 2011 :)

some of my dolls from 2008 to 2010

I would like to say thank you very much for all the giveaway participants, thanks for all the creative and wonderful comment, and it's still fun to read them all again and again.
if  I have more extra hands, I would like to make a doll for every you.
So the winner of the hand-knitted android doll is........

I hope it is fair to choose her since she wrote that she love android, and I like her birthday wishes too.  I think it's funny.  But for me, it's really not fair... she already has an android phone while I don't have the android phone that I want (yet).
Just kidding, congratulations, Sketchpoison :)

I honestly love all the other comments too, so I think I would make another Giveaway on my next birthday.
is it too long?
Don't worry I think I might make another giveaway on Valentine's day because I love you, or on April Fools because ehm... let's say because I want to.

1 comment:

    it's me who won the android doll.
    what a good thing to start a new year,
    so many thanks to pick me as your winner.

    this is my email, meilani.chow(at)
    just in case if my mail not delivered

    thank you so much