Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Going Green Went Wrong

* read the title 3 times fast, what a torture to my tongue

if you can't see new picture of my new amigurumi, it was because of the "going green went wrong".
Last week (or last year), I bought  shampoo at the supermarket.
since it was the only thing I bought, instead of using plastic bag, I put the shampoo (bottle of shampoo) into my bag, then I go shopping with my sister.
Later when I was looking at my wallet, I found my wallet, and my phone, and my camera covered with shampoo.

I could still use my camera, but it's never the same.
since it was never really my camera (it was my Dad's), I decided to buy a new camera.
it is written at the manual book:

d*mn, they knew there's someone dumb enough to wash a camera with shampoo.
why didn't I read this before.
well it's a new year, new camera, and there will be a lot of new amigurumi dolls, just wait :)

by the way, I got an E-mail today,
the Android doll has arrived to his/her new place :)

read sketpoison's blog post about the android doll here

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