Thursday, February 3, 2011

Noir the Rabbit

once again, Happy Chinese New Year!
since the 2011 is the Rabbit Year, of course I made a rabbit amigurumi too.
white rabbit is cute, but what we have is a Black Rabbit named Noir.

Hop Hop for the better prosperity on Rabbit Year 

The real Noir is an angora rabbit, she's living at a big bird cage.
She is actually my sister's rabbit, but she kinda neglected it, so my Mom taking care of Noir now.
Noir is having a crisis identity, cause my mom call her as "Mut" from "Marmut" (guinea pig)
I don't remember how old is Noir, I believe we have her for more than 1-2 years.
And by the way, who said that a rabbit is a quite animal?
She sometimes jumps and hops around so noisily she could wake me up!

Ah I forgot to take a picture of the Noir gurumi from the side view, you can't se her stripped sweater and her blue pants (and her tail) :p