Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Winter Swap

I had Flickr account for years, but I join the groups just recently.
One of the group I love (beside weloveamigurumi of course) is the amigurumi group (so predictable me)

they held an amigurumi swap, a winter swap.
so we have to make an amigurumi for certain person and at the same time the other person  make you one too
it's like a secret santa, or "tukar kado" (gift swap).

there are certain requirement of items you have to send, but the basic rule is sending a gift as if the gift is for yourself.

it was fixed randomly, I have to send my package to -beep- (she hasn't received my package so let's keep it as secret) and I get a package from... Giulia :)

I just received the package yesterday it was from Rome, and I love everything!

the amigurumi (i haven't name it yet) is a stray dog, because I love dog, ah you should see its shoes and gloves! He's well prepare for the always summer in Indonesia.
I'm thinking of taking some picture of him in action later, you'll see :)
Giulia also send me a bear amigurumi pattern (I will try it someday), stars ( will definitely looked good for my next amigurumi photo session), a loom knitting kit, a bag in a coffee bean bag, a notebook and...

yarns, two lady bugs (my favorite), some owl and angel charm, round bells, chocolates (yum!) and BEADS!

I really love the beads, because lately I was thinking of adding beads for my amigurumis but didn't have time to look for and buy the beads, then found the beads in the packages.

Thanks a lot Giulia :) and thank for being the moderator of the swap too!!

now I'm waiting even more worried for my package for -beep- to be arrived soon.