Thursday, February 10, 2011

Cerita si Bekantan (Bekantan's Story)

Bekantan a.k.a the proboscis monkey (Nasalis lavartus) a.k.a monyet Belanda (Dutch Monkey) a.k.a monyet Dufan (the mascot of the a theme park at Jakarta)

the Bekantan looked like a man in space suit, wearing a pair of gloves :P

it's a He, cause only the male Bekantan has a long nose

Despite its many aliases, they are kinda forgotten.
when I was working on my Orangutanku project, I found a lot of Orangutan Organization, while it's hard to find any special organization for this long-nosed monkeys.
while both Orangutan and Bekantan live in Indonesia (and also in Malaysia and some other countries)
It's hard to collect information about Bekantan, while I have at least 4 DVDs of orangutan documentary movies, some books and magazines, a real-size orangutan plushy.
My only source about Bekantan is from the internet.
Last year I read an article from (see, I can't find the article), it is said that Bekantan might be extinct in a few years :'(
I didn't even like Bekantan, I had a bad memory of being chased by the Monyet Dufan (yup, human wearing Bekantan costume), but I'd feel sorry if we just let it happen.
it's too soon to make a Bekantan project cause of lack of informations, but if you happen to know how to help, please let me know.

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