Saturday, July 3, 2010

OrangUtanku #5: Felipe

I cheated, this is not really an orangutan because of its colors.
Let's say Felipe is a far relative of the orangutans, and He wants to help the orangutans too.
I just finished Felipe last night during Worldcup match Brazil Vs Netherland
Before the game started, I said to my sister that I would name the Orangutan after the first player who get a red card.
My favorite teams, France and all the Asian teams have lost the game, so I was not picking any side anymore, just watching.

What the real Felipe did during the last game was silly, suicide goal and red card, and I was kinda worry about naming this orangutan after him.
But after doing some googling, I found that Felipe is a good player (come on He is from the Brazil team!), no matter how bad his reputation now, I hope he will do better in the future :)

Back to the star here, Felipe the orangutan is available for adoption for 170000 IDR
This Felipe is supporting the Orangutanku project too, so 15% from the adoption gains will be donated to the real Orangutan
If you don't like Felipe's, just give him a cuter and lovable new name once he is yours
tho I think Felipe is still a good name :)

BTW, real orangutans not always eating bananas, they eat mostly fruits even durians (yup, that stinky fruit!), and sometimes they eat insects as proteins.

UPDATE (07/07/2010):  Felipe has found his new home!!! I'll make an update later about the 15% for the real orangutan