Friday, July 9, 2010

Flamingo in my garden

I love pink very much that I want a Pink Flamingo in my garden!
of course a real pink flamingo in the garden would be the biggest joke for me.
First, I'm allergic to birds' feathers
Second, I'm afraid of birds (such as swans, gooses, ducks, turkeys, chickens and flamingos)
Third, I have dogs.

So I made a Pink Flamingo in a mini garden :)
Perfect solution for me, at least this flamingo won't bite me.
I made her wings using felt, and my fingers hurt because of sewing it.

This flamingo is made specially for myself, but if you want one for your desk,
I would gladly make a new one for 20 USD (expensive, because I have to deal with my own phobia)


  1. I still haven't received my box of Poo... I don't know why :(

  2. thanks Justin :)
    the box (and all the poos inside it)are still on their way,
    based on my last shipment to USA, the box probably will arrive at July 19