Friday, June 3, 2011

Ulat Ungu Nan Unyu

U is for the cutest critter ever: Ulat Ungu Nan Unyu
(=cute purple caterpillar)

unyu itself is a slang, so you won't find the word in dictionary.

it took a long time to finish this Ulat, because of the broken television.
I did many things while watching TV, so without it, I simply can't do those things.

it's no secret that I made most of my yarn toys while watching television.
My motto is "no DVD, no productDVD".
so.. it's true.
Instead of finishing the Ulat, I played nintendo for days, and barely finish this week amigurumi :p.


  1. haaah.. jadi kalo nggak ada tv nggak bikin ya?

  2. Gosh! This one is so cute~

  3. @duniafannie : ga secara langsung sih... tp motivasi merajutnya jadi berkurang hehe...

    @bluewizzard: thanks :)