Wednesday, June 29, 2011

My "future" Amigurumi Gallery

Few months ago I found Lolanova's Mary Go Round frame pattern.
it looked so simple and pretty
the pattern is so easy to understand and also fun to do,
why wouldn't I try to make it? :)

I think the frames would be a nice perfection for my amigurumi gallery.
well I don't have amigurumi gallery yet, but it's okay to dream about it, right?
how do you think?

the wolf brothers

I think those like classic portraits in thriller movies about some psycho twin brothers.
maybe one of the scene would be like this.
Anybody cares to make the movie?

I have more plans to do for these duo, just wait :)

it's a teaser for my personal project. coming soon!

and by the way, this post itself is a spoiler for the next post
(I'm giving too much, it's not a teaser anymore)


  1. cantik-cantik warnanya Mba, and thanks for sharing the pattern (aku bookmark dulu in case pengen bikin nanti.. hehe.. soalnya belom bisa crochet)

  2. makasih :) jangan lupa kalo udah jadi share foto ke lolanova nya ya :)

  3. iyaaaa... akyu memang lucuuuu... eh?