Thursday, June 16, 2011

Vivi the Vacuum Cleaner

the party is over.
I had fun, I still have this smile in my face.
but I can't help feeling sad, confused, and maybe tired seeing what was left.
and I know I have to clean them up.
Because if I don't, there won't be any party later.
Thankfully there's Vivi the Vacuum cleaner helping me to clean up the confetti.

when I was young, I believe that vacuum cleaner was the most modern thing in the house.
Not the TV.
The Vacuum cleaner looked so futuristic with a lot of buttons, noises, and... its cable.
The vacuum cleaner has a long plug in cable, and when you push the button, the cable rolls back into the vacuum cleaner. it's really Cool!


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  2. Apparently apostrophe's are not recognized by this blog site! See my name? It's Susan's Soul Shines, but it reads differently on the comment above (and this one, lol!). oh wellll.

  3. BTW, I got the info I needed, I just had to look around this page more and I saw it. thx anyway, but that's why I deleted my 1st comment.

  4. Hi Susan, sorry, I don't have the pattern for Vivi the vaccum cleaner. I usually wrote the pattern somewhere, but since it's been a long time and I moved a few times so I don't know where's my note now.
    by the way it's not only the aposthrope, but an "&" also not recognized. I don't know why :)