Monday, September 13, 2010

Orangutanku #8: Sekar

I just went back from my fun vacation to Bali.
There's a lot of places I haven't go to in Indonesia, but Bali is definitely my favorite.
I could write a loooooong story about my vacation but not in this blog :)

Before went to Bali, I made this special orangutan.
Since Bali is famous for the exotic sunny beach, I made Sekar, the shocking pink orangutan.
Sekar is a nice traveling friend :)
Put her on your bag  and she won't complain, as long as you take her to interesting places. 

Sekar waiting for the delayed plane

Kuta Beach, the perfect place to get tanned :)

Sekar prefers hanging at the Kambojas Tree, than hanging out at the club

The beaches are cool, but I don't mind swimming at the lotus pool

Sekar available for adoption for 170000 IDR
15% gained from the adoption will be saved for the OrangUtanku Project
(Updated December 22, 2011 : Sekar now staying with my niece, Kiko)

PS: interested to have another orangutan doll with different color variation? just tell me :)

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