Monday, February 27, 2012

a too nice Sunday to skip

so yesterday was my first time going to a knitter/crocheter gathering at Jakarta.
I was having a fever the day before, I lost my voice, and almost canceled my plan.  Luckily, I didn't.
it was a too nice day to just skip it. Before I left my room, I read a tweet that the government made a free TransJakarta ride all day long, and it's true!
the bad thing was, it was Sunday, everybody's going out, everybody's riding the TransJakarta (shuttle bus) and the air conditioner malfunctioned :(
however, I finally arrived at the meeting point, meet new friends.  I knew some from the online forum, but it was the first time meeting them.  too bad I can't speak at all, so I can't say Hi to my new friends.  I also didn't bring any yarns or tools so I can't knit along with them.
And then, surprise!  We already know that there were going to be a presentation from Tulip Japan, but we didn't expect to get a free pink crochet hook originally from Japan.  If I didn't lost my voice I would have screaming, "KAWAII DESU!!!"

the hook size is 3.50 mm (number 6), perfectly fit for the double ply yarns I recently used.  I already have a set of crochet hooks, but it wasn't as cute as the new pink crochet.
as you can guess, I spent my night making amigurumi using the new hook :)
it wasn't the first time I used "etimo" crochet hook from Tulip, but I was a lot happier, cause it's PINK!
creativity is not limited by the tools, but the perfect tools can boost the creativity (at least for me).

by the way, I also got a free dishwasher soap from the restaurant. I love freebies :)

Ah, about the amigurumi, it's Anying without the removable guts.

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