Sunday, April 24, 2011

Tobucil's Crafty Days

I will be participated on Tobucil's Crafty Days #5
it's an annual craft event held by Tobucil, and past Crafty Days were awesome,
hopefully this year, Crafty Days would be a lot more fun because I will be there :)

so if you want to see Zpiderdzigh's crocheted toys offline, please come and find us there.
some of the Zpiderdzigh's toys from orangutan dolls to the gigi series will be available there.

here's the tips: bring your camera! (and some money of course)


  1. Waduh! Bahaya! Alamat bakal bokek nih TTATT

  2. seandainya saya di bandung....
    pasti dateng... X(

  3. @bakashironeko asik.. sampai jumpa di sana hehehe

    @duniafannie: tenang, nanti dioleh-olehin fotonya deh hehe