Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Blues Clues

So here's the second amigurumi I made for the winter swap.
it's a blue dog

do you remember Blues Clues? a kid's program, about a dog named Blue who likes to play hide and seek.  he likes to hiding near blue object.
no, this Blue amigurumi not based on Blues Clues, but let's consider it missing.
he is in a certain place, but the serious fact is, this Blue amigurumi is being held by custom with ridiculously unrealistic import tax.
I totally understand if he will be kept held forever, let's hope someday he'll find a new home.

the second parcel content
it's only 100 gram, the first package is 900 gram, the shipping cost is the same as the 900 gram.

look at the bright side, because of this incident, I decided to participate on an offline bazzar because opening a booth there would cost me the same as sending that blue dog to no where.
will make an official announcement about the bazaar later :)

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